How long do i need to avoid bending over after cataract surgery?

Do not bend down or do strenuous activities, such as biking, jogging, lifting weights, or doing aerobic exercise, for 2 weeks or until your doctor says it's okay. Avoid swimming, bathing in hot tubs, working in the garden, and dusting for 1 to 2 weeks. Wear sunglasses on sunny days for at least 1 year after surgery. Control unit 020 7486 4411 020 7486 4411. Control unit 020 7486 4411 020 7486 4411. No one knows for sure the answer to this question.

I generally advise my patients to avoid flexing or straining excessively after surgery for the first week. I advise you that there are some activities (such as putting on pants or shoes) that are almost impossible to do without bending down a little. I simply ask them to avoid bending over unnecessarily. Most patients who undergo uncomplicated cataract surgery can bend down after a day or two without complications.

However, retinal surgery often involves placing a gas bubble. Patients with a gas bubble should avoid unnecessary movement, especially in a direction that may not be beneficial to their healing. To recover from cataract surgery as soon as possible, it's important to follow the surgeon's advice. Now that modern cataract surgery means that the incision in the eye is very small, the advice is different.

The recovery time after cataract surgery is usually short, but some factors may cause it to take longer. If you don't have any other eye problems, you can read both within one day after cataract surgery. There are several things people can do at home to ensure the best possible outcome from cataract surgery. If you wear heavy-duty eyeglasses, once you've had cataract surgery on one eye, you'll have a noticeable difference in vision between the two eyes.

It's important to avoid bending down as much as possible, but accidentally bending down once or twice after cataract surgery probably won't cause any problems. Previously, patients were advised to avoid bending down, lifting objects, or doing strenuous activities after cataract surgery.

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