Is it ok to vacuum after cataract surgery?

Avoid exposure to dust and other irritants You should avoid exposing your nursing eye to dust, wind, dirt, and other irritants the first few days after cataract surgery. Therefore, consider cleaning and vacuuming your home before surgery. Many patients with cataracts have questions about physical activity after cataract surgery and about how quickly they can expect to resume normal activities. Although it can be very tempting, don't try to lift anything that weighs more than 10 pounds during the first week after cataract surgery.

One to two weeks after cataract surgery is when the incisions have reached an almost healed state. Your cataract surgeon tells you to avoid bending down for at least one week after your cataracts have been removed. On the other hand, in patients who have cataracts in both eyes, what usually happens is that the cataract that causes the greatest loss of vision is removed first. If you love swimming, this is something you shouldn't do for at least a month after cataract surgery.

A little preparation goes a long way in ensuring that recovery after cataract surgery runs its course. If bacteria enter the eye while it is still healing, it could cause an infection, since the eye is more sensitive than usual after a procedure such as cataract surgery. In addition, if you keep your eyes protected with safety glasses, your recovery will be on track after cataract surgery. High intraocular pressure is one of the most common complications in patients who undergo cataract surgery.

If you want your recovery from cataract surgery to be as successful as possible, you should avoid any strenuous activity.

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