What to Know the Day After Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a common eye procedure that can be very beneficial. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when recovering from it. The day after cataract surgery is an ideal time to take a break from strenuous activity. This is so your eyes have a chance to heal. Your eye doctor will give you some restrictions, so it's important to follow them. Wearing an eye shield can be a helpful reminder. It's also good to keep the eyes clear of dust, debris, and other irritants. These irritants can lead to infections and other complications. You can ask your doctor what kind of shield to wear and how often. It would help if you also took the time to read through your doctor's instructions about what to do during your recovery. For example, you'll want to avoid certain activities, such as driving, for at least a week. This will lower the risk of post-op complications. Ask your doctor to prescribe anti-inflammatory eye drops, which reduce internal inflammation. These drops will not only help your eyes feel better, but they'll also reduce your risk of developing an infection. You should also avoid lifting heavy objects, sneezing, and swimming. You'll need to allow your incision to heal, and raising a heavy object will increase the pressure on your eyes. Some tasks, such as washing your hair, can be done while standing. You can also lift your feet onto a shower stool to bathe without bending. The best way to recover from cataract surgery is to be calm, keep your head high, and follow your doctor's instructions. This will help you avoid unnecessary complications and allow your eyes to recover quickly. If you have cataract surgery, you should avoid swimming and hot tubs the day after the operation. This is because these activities can affect the healing process. In addition, if you swim in the pool or immerse your head in a hot tub, you increase the risk of developing an infection. You should also avoid any activity that can get dust or dirt in your eyes. You should also avoid lifting heavy objects. This can transmit pressure to your eyeball, complicating the healing process. If you need to move something, ask a friend to help. You should also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV light. This is because cataract surgery increases the sensitivity of your eyes to light. If you have cataract surgery, you must take all the precautions necessary to protect your eyes. After cataract surgery, you will be prescribed eye drops. The drops will prevent inflammation and infections. They are given to you for about a month. Before you start using the drops, you should clean your hands. You should also avoid wearing cosmetics near your surgical eye during your recovery period. Depending on the type of eye surgery you have, you may be prescribed eye drops that reduce scratchiness and dryness. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes as this can cause a nasty infection. Your doctor may also prescribe medications that will encourage the healing process.

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