Do I Need Glasses After Cataract Surgery?

One of the most common questions people ask after cataract surgery is whether they will need glasses. It is essential to understand that several different types of lenses can be used after cataract surgery, including Monofocal and astigmatism correcting lenses.

Monofocal Lenses

During cataract surgery, an intraocular lens is installed to correct vision. This lens can be mono-focal, a toric lens, or a multifocal lens. Each of these types of lenses has its advantages and disadvantages. Monofocal lenses are the most common lens type used during cataract surgery. They offer one point of focus and can correct distance, intermediate, and near vision. However, they can cause vision problems at close distances, so most people wear reading glasses for close-up tasks but not for distance work.

Astigmatism Correcting Lenses

Approximately 30% of cataract patients have visually significant astigmatism. Astigmatism can lead to double vision, blurry vision, and even glasses if left untreated. Fortunately, cataract surgery can correct astigmatism. If the astigmatism is not too severe, glasses or contact lenses may not be necessary. However, if the astigmatism is severe, a toric lens during cataract surgery can improve visual acuity. It may also be necessary to wear glasses after the procedure. Monofocal lenses are usually covered by insurance and are less expensive than other types of lenses. However, most people still need glasses after cataract surgery. Depending on the amount of astigmatism in the eye, glasses may be needed for near and distant vision. It is essential to research and discuss the options with your doctor to determine which type of lens is best for you.

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