What is the average age for cataract surgery?

In most people, cataracts begin to develop around age 60, and the average age for cataract surgery in the United States is 73. Once a cataract has developed, there is no cure except to surgically remove it. With a routine outpatient surgical procedure in Victoria, Beeville, Cuero, Hallettsville and Port Lavaca, Dr. Boozalis can remove the cataract through a small incision. A synthetic intraocular lens (IOL) is usually inserted at the time of cataract removal to replace the focusing power of the natural lens.

There is no average age for cataract surgery; the time for the procedure is when the cataract affects your vision enough to interfere with your normal lifestyle. The average age for cataract surgery in the United States is 73.

A cataract forms when there is a buildup of protein in the eyes. It is an opacity of the eye's lens, making it difficult for light to pass through the eye and focus so that you can see. Cataracts make it difficult for you to see clearly, and you'll start to have blurred vision when you start having cataracts.

Cataracts are a natural part of aging, and by the time people turn 50, they already have at least a few cataracts. Shumski is a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in 26% refractive cataract surgery at Magruder Laser Vision, in Central Florida. In both cases, it is essential to have surgery on your cataracts early so that your doctor can easily treat them and remove them before they get worse.

However, cataracts can start earlier and, in many people, can start at age 40 and continue to progress before a person can identify that they have cataracts. With modern surgical techniques and technologies, people no longer have to wait until their cataracts are mature or are “ready for surgery”. You should be sure to see a doctor and undergo surgery to remove the cataract and regain clear vision. Fortunately, cataract surgery is an effective treatment that can restore patients' vision while also correcting refractive errors with advanced lenses.

Cataract surgery is usually only considered when vision is severely impaired, such as when the lens becomes cloudy. Fortunately, the procedure is becoming safer and more effective. A doctor can usually remove a cataract within a few months of diagnosis. This is because the lens in a healthy person's eye is clear and transparent, but the lens becomes cloudy as you age. So the lens is replaced with an artificial lens to allow patients to see clearly.

The average age for cataract surgery has steadily declined over the past five years. Those in the baby boomer generation are entering retirement, and many want cataract surgery sooner than the previous generation.

While the average age for cataract surgery has decreased, many people are still unaware of the need for surgery. This can lead to the development of a juvenile cataract. These are common in young people but can also happen in people with a genetic condition. This is because the eye lens is more flexible in younger people.

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